Our service consists of these key elements:

Assessment of Energy Needs

Every organisation has to buy energy but everyone uses it in different ways and should therefore negotiate the right supply contract. We take time to understand our clients’ particular circumstances, budgeting process and attitude to risk before making any recommendations about what to do next. Price is always important, but so are the contract terms committed to and these can often mean the delivered price is not what was budgeted for - we take care to help our clients manage this.

Energy Procurement

Timing is usually more important than choice of supplier in setting price in today's market and we take care to help our clients manage this. Negotiating price is as important as understanding the terms and conditions that go with it. Even the simplest energy supply contracts can often allow price to be varied under certain circumstances and again we take care to help our clients understand and manage this.

We recommend that our clients should think about their next contract as soon as the current one has been signed! The wholesale energy market is volatile and so this means the best time to negotiate isn't necessarily just before the old contract expires. Someone needs to keep an eye on market movements to inform decision-making and that someone is us!

Management of New Energy Contracts

Energy supply contracts have key dates and options in it even if it is a simple one. Many organisations allow key termination and option dates to go by and this will seriously limit your options when the time comes to renegotiate. We take particular care to manage these elements so that the client stays in control. If new sites are acquired or disposed of, exposure to energy supply contracts needs to be managed and we can look after this.

Many organisations require internal Management Information relating to the energy markets and how their contracts compare against current market conditions. We can provide this information at a time to suit the client in the form of graphs, tables etc.

Energy bills are complex and should be checked, mistakes are common and spotting them is not always easy. We can do this work on behalf of our clients and negotiate the correction of any mistakes. Whilst it might seem nice to have been under-billed (or not billed at all..) should this happen, there is exposure which needs to be quantified accurately and we can do this work.

Flexible Contracts

Some of our clients buy their energy through flexible contracts. As part of our service, we help formulate robust and time-proven risk management strategies in line with our client’s specific needs. We manage the contracts for our clients as well as conducting regular reviews and providing management information.