Capacity Review Service

capacity review service

Do you have a Half Hourly Electricity meter? If so, you will have a capacity agreement with the Network operator.  This may or not be right for your requirements, let us check for you.

If you have a Half Hourly Electricity supply, you will have a capacity level which is agreed with the distribution network operator.  Whether you use the total capacity or not you will pay for the full amount – call it insurance if you will.

We can analyse your consumption data and discuss with you if the capacity is needed.  If not, on your behalf we can liaise with the DNO to reduce this level and in turn reduce your electricity invoices, saving ££’s.

It is however, really important to ensure future demand is taken into account when completing a review.  A DNO will only change the level once a year and if you breach the agreed capacity then the charges are penal.

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