Energy Procurement

You need to manage energy procurement to power your business, but not at any cost.  Find out how we can help you secure competitive contracts.

Around 40 – 45% of your energy bill comes directly from the wholesale energy market, as we monitor the markets daily, we have the right expertise to get you a well-timed contract.

When the timing of wholesale costs are favourable, we tender your business to energy suppliers to get the most competitive price.

Energy Procurement – Knowing which contract is right for you

We will help you navigate what can be a daunting selection of contract offers and provide commercial advice to meet your individual businesses needs.


fixed contract
A Fixed contract means all charges in the contract, whether the commodity or non-commodity elements are fixed for the duration of the contract.


flexible contract
A flexible contract does not secure the wholesale energy element

Pass Through

pass through contract
A Pass Through contract simply means that non-commodity charges are charged to you as the supplier is charged them from third parties; such as the distributors for example.  These charges can change monthly or bi-annually depending on the pricing element.  A Pass Through contract can be applied to both Fixed and Flexible contract types.


renewable contract
A renewable contract simply means that the energy is purchased from renewable sources.  Renewable Energy can be applied to Fixed, Flexible and Pass Through contract types.

How it works

For us to review your energy contracts, we would need a letter of authority signed on headed paper and a copy bill. That’s it.

We will then complete a full review of the sites, meters and current contract positions.  We will check that any appropriate notice of termination has been served to your current supplier to make sure if you decide to change supplier you would be free to do so.

We would then source contracts that suits your needs and present the analysis for discussion and contract award.

As we are Independent, we are truly on your side.  We have no preference which energy supplier you contract with, what is important to us, is that the contract you choose, with our help is right for you.

Our Energy Contract Negotiation service doesn’t stop there, as part of this service once a contract has been agreed, we are still by your side.  We will:

  • manage the transfer including objections should they arise
  • liaise with the supplier to arrange accurate account set up
  • check the first invoice to make sure it matches the agreed contract rates
  • manage any queries that arise
  • serve the appropriate notice of termination
  • monitor wholesale energy markets ahead of your next renewal

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