New green hydrogen pilot project launched in Minnesota

New green hydrogen pilot project launched in Minnesota

A new pilot project that aims to gain operational experience with the technology for making green hydrogen has been launched in Minnesota.

CenterPoint Energy, which serves around 900,000 households and businesses in the US state, will also look at how green hydrogen can be integrated most effectively into the local natural gas distribution system to lower the carbon content of delivered energy.

The 1MW electrolyser is powered by renewable energy and can produce around 432 kilogram of hydrogen gas per day, using approximately two gallons of water per minute.

The green hydrogen produced by the system is added in low concentrations – up to 5% – to the natural gas in a low pressure section of CenterPoint Energy’s local distribution pipeline system.

It is expected to avoid around 1,200 tons of carbon emissions per year.

The project supports CenterPoint Energy’s targets to achieve net zero emissions from its own operations and reduce Scope 3 emissions by 20% to 30% by 2035.

Scott Doyle, Executive Vice President, Utility Operations said: “CenterPoint Energy is committed to evaluating innovative solutions that reduce carbon emissions and advance a clean energy future.

“With this pilot project, we are exploring the potential of green hydrogen as a safe, zero-carbon energy resource that can be delivered through our local gas distribution systems to benefit both our customers and the environment.”

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